Security Protection Services​ 


Thank you for teaching this course Sheldon, I learned a lot and really enjoyed the course. (Course Feedback July 21,2001)

Effectively taught no complaint's, very knowledgeable instructor and very patient with students which encourages those that need remedial time spent. 

Great job Sheldon and thank you for taking the time to toughly  review the course material . Course Feedback) July 25,2021

Thank you for instructing this course, and thank you to the JIBC for selecting you as a professional instructor. It's apparent in your demonstrated delivery method and teaching instructional abilities why you are so patinate and truly care. There are no words to say thank you enough from myself and the participants of this course. July 25, 2021 (COVID-19 Course) Stay Safe 

When I arrived at the AST Course I had no idea what I was in for , then it all became clear. I was taught not only important theory pertaining to law and safe use of restraints, but I was also taught by a instructor that was patient, didn't yell at his students, and gave them encouragement when they needed it. Thank you!  Sheldon "Great Instructor" 

I enjoyed attending the AST Course and I feel the course material was delivered very well. When moving to the floor and doing handcuffing and defensive tactics I was very great full Sheldon our instructor was very patient and continued to work with each of us until we could safely perform the required technique.  Thank you Sheldon and looking forward to seeing you for my recertification. (Course Feedback July 5, 2001)