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Advanced Security Training  (AST)


If you carry and use handcuffs as a licensed security professional, this training is a prerequisite to receiving the necessary endorsement on your security worker license.

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JUNE 24,25,26

Parksville, BC

08:30am -04:30pm

AST Course 3 Day Course

AST Recertification 1 Day 8 Hours

AST Registration $320 Including GST

AST Recertification $185.00 Including GST

AST Participant Manual Included in registration

AST Online Exam Fee Included 


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Next AST Course Training Course. 

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Advanced Security Training Course AST Course

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Advanced Security Training (AST) is a prerequisite for licensed security professionals to obtain the necessary endorsement on their license to carry and use handcuffs in the performance of their duties. 

AST certificates must be renewed every three years.


Advanced Security Training is a 24-hour course that focuses on providing a foundation in:

Security Services Act & Regulations

Advanced Force Options Theory

Introduction to Control Tactics

Application of Restraints

Excited Delirium & Positional Asphyxia

Reporting & Documentation

Must have JIBC Basic Security Training  (BST)  and provide certificate number  to be eligible for registration. 

We do not accept payment until 7 days prior to a scheduled AST Course or AST Recertification due to the event of cancelation. 

We require a minimum of 6 registered participants, and tuition paid in full to run a AST Course. 

We also offer an AST Course usually every month during the summer months so please contact us directly for updated information for upcoming course dates if not posted our website. 

Potential participants should be aware that

AST Courses are competency-based. Mere attendance at an AST Course does not assure certification.  

We accept Visa, Mastercard, or E-Transfer for form of payment. 

Please do not make payment until 7days prior to the scheduled date of the AST Course or AST Re-Certification Course date in the event either course has to be re-scheduled due to lack of enrolment or unforeseen circumstances.  

Sheldon C Martin 

Sheldon Martin is fully vetted and sanctioned Armament Systems and Procedures Instructor. Capable and certified in offering ASP Tactical Baton and Handcuff Certification. 

ASP certified Instructor 

ASP International Training Team Canada 

ASP also provides, at no cost, nearly @2MM a year in training to law enforcement officers.

This training - sought after by agencies and police departments around the world - is the gold standard on the integrated use of batons, restraints, and flashlights.  

ASP Training Programs 


If you are looking to enter the field as a security professional in BC, this mandatory training is required to apply for your Security Worker License.

This course will provide the fundamental knowledge and skills required by Security Professionals to perform their function safely, legally and effectively. 

Security Professionals careers include: contract security services; in house security in hospitals, educational institutions, banks, and supply chain and retail security; loss prevention and corporate security; door persons; and body guards. 

Students will examine relevant legislation, legal authority, ethics and roles of a Security Professional. 

In addition, students will learn about the legal system, personal safety, follow up procedures and documentation.

Students must be 19 years of age to be eligible to apply for a Security Worker License to work as a security professional.

40 Hours / 5 Day Course 

Monday - Friday  08:30am - 04:40pm 

Tuition $314.60 Including GST 

Fee's $25.00 BST Online Exam Fee 

Basic Security Training Participant Manual Included

Location of Course:

Bayside Oceanside Resort Hotel, Parksville, BC

Contact us for more information to register. 

[email protected]

WHMIS, Online Training, Featured, Online, and Hazardous Atmosphere

WHMIS (GHS) Training Online


Get Same Day Certified in Industry Recognized WHMIS Training

Get the award-winning industry-recognized WHMIS online course from Security Protection Services to meet all your Workplace Hazardous Materials certification requirements. 

Training is available for initial or re-certification and you can take the class on your own time, with features that make learning fun every step of the way!

WHMIS is for any person exposed to hazardous materials in the workplace. 

Danatec’s WHMIS online course centers around 5 WHMIS stories that bring in real-life events, told by real people in real workplaces. 

The video, animations, engaging games, and skill-building exercises will make for an engaging interactive learning experience.

 Our course centers on elements that ensure the information is understood, retained, and easily resourced.

Enjoy free printable resources including our WHMIS sample label, poster, sample SDS, glossary, and a workplace exercise sheet for additional training.

Receive a printable industry recognized certificate along with a Digital Badge upon completion.

Additional Course Features:

Live support Monday to Friday, 7 am to 5 pm MST

Interesting and engaging learning content created by industry experts

Same day certification, begin your training in minutes

Self-paced/Available 24/7

Mobile/Tablet compatible

Easily accessible—a stored record of training is available that can be shared if needed for auditing purposes or proof of certification

Looking for... WHMIS Handbook - $8.95

Course Outline

What is WHMIS?

WHMIS Hazards Groups


WHMIS Symbols & Labels

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

What to do if something goes wrong? 

Emergency actions

Special situations

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       Suggestion for Security on how to clean and disinfect your Handcuffs safely

 Security Officer De-Escalation Training 

Security Officers interact with thousands of individuals every year. 

Our Evidence-Based De-escalation Training is intended to provide officers with a step-by-step curriculum to enhance the knowledge, understanding, and practical skills necessary to enable professional, empathetic & positive interactions with those that are in distress or may have mental health & behavioral concerns.

Our beginner course offers Introduction

to De-escalation:

Techniques Training: 1.5 hours online, a self-directed course that uses interactive scenarios, teaching the basic skills in de-escalation.

Recognize signs of distress

Mental illness or other stressors are not always visible. 

Our training will help you recognize, and properly interact with, individuals in distress.

Learn by doing, not reading

Dive right into the situation through immersive videos and branching scenarios.

Experience the impact of your decisions.

Prepare for the future

Understand strategies for follow-up. 

Prevent future incidents from re-occurring.

Practice empathy and communication

Learn empathy and verbal/non-verbal communication strategies to develop trust. 

Hear from real people about their experiences.

Introduction to Mental Health & De-escalation

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Fatigue Awareness


Fatigue is a major cause of accidents and injuries in the workplace in Canada. The risk of harm from fatigue to workers’ health and safety must be identified, managed and controlled. 

Our Fatigue Awareness course is an interactive online course that addresses the issues related to fatigue in the workplace. 

This course is an entry level course that will speak to an array of different job types, such as those that perform shift work, night shift, industrial workers, drivers and office workers on a variety of focus points.

It shows what fatigue can look like in the workplace, how to manage your own fatigue and to be able to identify when a co-worker is fatigued, as well as the tools to use to prevent fatigue related injuries

Course Outline

What is fatigue?

How can I manage fatigue?


Length: 20 minutes

Language: English

Certification: Yes

Mobile Friendly: Yes

Digital Badge: Yes

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Fraud Prevention Awareness Online Training


COVID-19 has led to living and working conditions that put people at an increased risk for phishing and email scams. 

When we're stuck inside all day, it's natural to spend more time online. 

You may be doing more of your shopping online and could also be working from home, without the support of an onsite IT department. 

Or maybe you've already taken a hit financially, and are struggling to find work and/or pay your bills. Everyone is getting more information and emails than usual. 

Anyone who enters information online or has the ability to receive electronic communication may be targeted and could potentially fall prey to scammers.

Learn to defend yourself from fraud and get trained today with our Fraud Prevention Online Training.

At the end of this course, learners will have the knowledge and skills required to

Create strong passwords

Manage passwords effectively

Avoid common scams

Identify various red flags indicating a potential scam

Take appropriate actions upon falling victim to a scam

Course Outline

Password Protection

Frequent Scams

Red Flags

What to do if you’ve been scammed.  


Length: 30 minutes

Language: English

Certification: Yes

Mobile Friendly: Yes

Digital Badge: Yes

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5 Universal Truths of Communication

There are five Universal Truths in human interaction which remain valid for all people, regardless of differences in age, gender, color, culture. 

1. Everyone needs to be treated with dignity and respect, regardless of their behavior  

2. Everyone needs to be asked rather than        being told.

3. Everyone needs to know why they are          being asked.

4. Everyone needs real options - not threats  

5. Everyone needs a second chance. 

Mental Health Awareness Training     for Security Professionals

Save lives and reduce violence.

Proven de-escalation training that will improve the quality of high-stress interactions.

Security Professionals interact with thousands of individuals every year.

Our Evidence-Based De-escalation Training is intended to provide security professionals with a step-by-step curriculum to enhance the knowledge, understanding, and practical skills necessary to enable professional, empathetic & positive interactions with those that are in distress or may have mental health & behavioral concerns.

Beginner Online Training  Course 

Introduction to De-escalation: Techniques Training: 1.5 hours online, a self-directed course that uses interactive scenarios, teaching the basic skills in de-escalation.

Training increased mental health awareness, communication, empathy, 

and de-escalation skills.

The benefits of our program have been supported by various articles and publications, including a report from the Mental Health Commission of Canada, and an independent review by Dr. Richard Frierson, professor of clinical psychiatry at the University of South Carolina.

Safer interactions between front-line workers and the public

                                     Mental Health and De-escalation Online Training


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Sheldon C Martin 

Pro training Certified Trainer 

Cannabis Workplace Safety for Employees

General Safety Training, Online Training, Cannabis, Guard Training, Featured, and Drug & Alcohol Awareness Training


Cut Through the Confusion on Cannabis at Work

Protect your workplace with training on employee rights, responsibilities and the risks

Cannabis safety awareness at work can’t be assumed. It’s the employer’s responsibility to make sure every employee understands what cannabis legalization means for them at work.

But developing employee cannabis safety education they’ll remember and use isn’t easy. 

Now, you can save time, money and fast-track to organization-wide cannabis awareness.

This online training will help employees understand the safety rationale behind workplace cannabis policies — so they make the right choices when it matters.

We’ve made learning cannabis safety easier and more engaging for all staff with relatable, scenario-based learning that engages critical thinking and makes the key concepts more memorable. 

These online modules are:










After completing the Employee training, the learner will be able to:

Describe cannabis and its effects

Describe short, medium, and long-term impairment

Explain the difference between impairment and intoxication

Describe the difference between risk management and impairment management

Recognize employers’ duty to accommodate

Recognize employees’ duty to be fit for work

Match common mistakes about cannabis consumption with example

Match common examples of cannabis consumption with consequences

Identify the safer choice in a given scenario about cannabis consumption.

This course is a prerequisite for the Employer Cannabis in the Workplace online training.

Course Outline

In this course, employees will learn about:

Cannabis and its effects

Employer and employee responsibilities

How to manage risks and make safe choices

Cannabis Workplace Safety for Employees

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